What We Do

We are continually rescuing animals and the work of caring for them on a daily basis is very demanding. We also do our best to make sure that our animals go to good homes. We have developed an adoption process that gives our animals a good chance for the future and provides prospective owners with the help and support they need.

Rescuing Animals

People's lives change and sometimes the only option is to ask a rescue to rehome your pet. Many people feel very guilty that they are no longer able to care for their pet as well as they think they should. However, by taking responsibility for your pet and ensuring it is rehomed through the correct channels, you are doing the best you possibly can in the circumstances. We usually have a waiting list for rabbits to come in.

If your rabbit is not neutered and fully vaccinated this will need to be done before the animal is rehomed. Unless you are able to have this done before you bring your pet in, you will be asked for a donation towards vet bills. It is not cheap to have a rabbit neutered. It may be worth asking your vet what they charge so you have an idea of how much it costs.

You will also need to provide various details about your pet, name, age, health issues etc, and asked to sign your pet over to the care of the rescue with vaccination cards if applicable. In return we vouch we will do all within our capabilities to find the right home for the animal, we do not have any animal needlessly destroyed.

Please be honest with us. If there is any chance your pet may be pregnant, or aggressive, we would prefer to know rather than find out the hard way.

Caring for Residents

Windwhistle has over 100 residents at any one time and we have to care for them every day. As well as rabbits that we hope are adopted, we also have those that we feel cannot be rehomed, either because of their nature, ongoing medical conditions or both. While animals have a good quality of life we will support them, even with ongoing medical conditions. Medication and regular trips to the vet can cost a lot of money. It is only with the hard work of our supporters that we can continue.

Unfortunately we are self funded and rely on donations, we do not receive any financial assistance from the Government, or Council. For more details on what we have to fund and how you can help, please view the 'How You Can Help' section.

Rehoming Rabbits

Windwhistle aims to be a temporary step on the road for rabbits until they find their 'Forever Home'. Therefore, we spend plenty of our time ensuring our residents are rehomed to good owners. Find out more by visiting the Adopt a Rabbit page.

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