Rabbit & Guinea Pig Boarding

If you need to be away from home for whatever reason, make sure your rabbits and guinea pigs are looked after. At Windwhistle Warren, we have the expertise to make sure your pets get a good holiday as well!

Like all rescues, Windwhistle is in danger of having to fold because we just cannot keep up with the massive bills. Faced with this dilemma, I have decided to start boarding rabbits and guinea pigs. It has been a very difficult decision to make as I know I will not be able to help as many orphans, which is what I really want to do. But rather than help none, I felt I should make a go of it!

And then, the next dilemma. I cannot board beloved pets in accommodation I would not rehome to. So...Derek's bank balance has become null and void to provide the rescue with spacious holiday chalets!

Rabbit Boarding

Our cabins are 4ft by 4ft with an attached run of 6ft by 4ft. The runs are on concrete. This is to try and prevent cross contamination of e-cunniculi from other bunnies. The boarding set-up is housed away from the rescue bunnies, with the same consideration in mind. It is fox proof, roofed to shelter from the sun and rain and the dogs are not allowed in!

There are partitions between each cabin. I am hoping this will keep arguments between bonded bunnies, who are not used to the scents of other rabbits, to a minimum. It also means they will not be able to squabble with their neighbour!

There are several conditions to boarding at Windwhistle...

  • Any rabbits we board must be vaccinated against Myxomatosis/RVHD1 (Joint Vaccine) and RVHD2. Vaccinations must have taken place at least 2 weeks prior to boarding to ensure effectiveness. Pets will not be accepted without a valid Vaccination Card or Vet Confirmation.
  • If your beloved pet(s) are ill whilst you are away they will be whipped to the vet forthwith, and you will be expected to pay the bill on return.
  • I would appreciate it if you would take time to settle your pet in before you leave, providing some of their own belongings to help them feel at home. These can be litter trays, bowls, toys, rugs.
  • If you use a special litter in their trays please bring that with you, otherwise I am happy to just use hay and newspaper.
  • If you feed other than Science Selective pellets, please bring their dried food as well.
  • All holiday bunnies will receive the same amount of veg my own rabbits receive each morning.

Pricing is low and is structured as follows...

  • Single Rabbit - £7 per night.
  • Pair of Rabbits - £12 per night.
  • For owners with Windwhistle connections (e.g. One or more of your bunnies has been adopted from Windwhistle), we are able to make a further concession, charging only £9.00 per night for a pair of rabbits.

We can go though their likes and dislikes to ensure no bunny comes away feeling they have not had their money's worth!

Please download, print and complete our Boarding Form in advance...

Guinea Pig Boarding

Visiting Guinea Pigs will be housed in the 'piggy loft'. Even in the coldest weather the water does not freeze in there.

Pricing is low and is structured as follows...

  • Single Guinea Pig - £3 per night.
  • Pair of Guinea Pigs - £3.50 per night.
  • A Guinea Pig colony can also be accomodated, either in the piggy loft or, if there is room, in one of the spacious rabbit cabins!

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